Zero Calories. Zero Compromise.

A 0 calorie natural sweetener made from monk fruit.

How Sweet is this?

Made from monk fruit, Sugarlike is 100% natural sweetener with 0 calories and a glycemic index of 0.

Looks Like Sugar

With SugarLike’s granulated, semi-transparent crystals, you might not see the difference when compared to sugar, but you’ll definitely feel it.

Tastes Like Sugar

Pour it into your coffee, tea, add to drinks or meals, or use it in baking and your taste buds won’t know the difference but your body sure will. Even better, there isn’t any hint of metallic aftertaste or distinctive flavouring that you find with other substitute sweeteners.

Use Like Sugar

With the same sweetness as sugar, you don’t have to measure or change your recipes or usage.

100% All Natural

SugarLike looks, sounds, and feels like the sugar you’ve always known and grew up with. It’s the best tasting alternative to sugar, that’ll change the way you sweeten.

100% natural. 0 calories. 0 GI. Made from fruit.


SugarLike is encapsulated with monk fruit and that's the reason why we’re able to produce a sweet, natural alternative that everyone can enjoy.

Sourced from the steep, forested mountains in small family orchards in southern China and northern Thailand, monk fruit is a green, round, and melon-looking fruit. It contains zero calories its extract has been said to be 300 times sweeter than sugar.

You probably haven’t heard of monk fruit before. But people have been using it for centuries as a natural, healthier way of sweetening up their favourite foods and drinks. And in more recent years, it’s becoming more sought after, as people are looking for healthier alternatives to sugar.

Satisfy your sweet tooth, reduce calories, all without altering your favourite recipes; SugarLike is everything that you love about sugar but better.


  • I simply cannot believe how good this tastes. I was skeptical... I've been experimenting with a lot of the zero calories, zero carb/low carb sweeteners and this one is the best!! No bitter aftertaste and it's not ridiculously sweet... like doesn't taste artificial. This is a winner for anyone out there living the LC, KETO WOE.

    KFletch on October 1, 2017

  • According to 88 out of 100 food scientists at IFT 2014 in New Orleans, SugarLike tastes better than sugar in chocolate milk.

    IFT 2014

  • Best sugar substitute yet! No gross aftertaste. Just what I needed!

    Anne, Kingston ON

  • Very good sweetener. Best I've found yet.

    Andrea - Lower Sackville, NS

  • Out of all of the sweeteners I've tried this is the absolute best! Would recommend this to all coffee lovers.



Sustainability is a key mission for our company, that's why we chose to make SugarLike sustainably sweet!

SugarLike is sustainably sweet in 3 ways:

1. Sustain your diet’s sweetness

2. Sustain your health

3. Sustain the environment


Use sugarlike the same way as sugar

Have a recipe? Simply substitute sugar with SugarLike. With a 1:1 ratio of sweetness to sugar, make the switch today. Use it in your coffee or tea, add to drinks and meals, or use it while baking.

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What’s SugarLike made up of?

SugarLike contains only three ingredients. Erythritol, monk fruit extract, and natural flavour.

Where can I buy SugarLike?

SugarLike is available at Whole Foods Markets and over 100 natural health food stores across Canada. Or, visit our ‘Where to Buy?’ page to find a retailer in your area or buy it online.

How can I use SugarLike?

With a 1:1 ratio of sweetness to sugar, feel free to use SugarLike as you would sugar. Use it in your coffee or tea, add to drinks and meals, or use it in baking. Or, check out our recipes for ideas.

What’s the shelf life of SugarLike?

SugarLike has a shelf life of two years when stored under cool and dry conditions.

Is SugarLike safe for diabetics?

Yes, because SugarLike has a glycemic index of 0, It can easily be incorporated into the diet of people with diabetes.

How many calories or carbohydrates are there in a package of SugarLike?

For every 1tsp (3.5 grams) of SugarLike, there’s 0 calories and 3 grams of carbohydrates.

What sizes does SugarLike come in?

Currently we sell SugarLike in a 227 gram / half lb pack.

What’s the glycemic index of SugarLike?

Zero. It’s also NON-GMO, vegan, gluten free, zero calorie, and diabetic friendly.

Is SugarLike gluten free?


If I have celiac disease, is SugarLike safe for me?

SugarLike is perfectly safe for people who have celiac disease.

Is SugarLike vegan?


Is SugarLike kosher?


How does SugarLike compare to other commercial sweeteners?

SugarLike is an all-natural sweetener made from monk fruit, unlike other sweeteners, which are made from a plant or artificially made using chemicals. It contains zero calories, NON-GMO, vegan, gluten free, diabetic friendly, and its sweetness ratio is 1:1 to sugar, so measure it and use it as you would with sugar. It even browns in baking. It also looks, feels, sounds, and tastes like sugar, minus all the negatives that comes with consuming it.

Is SugarLike safe for you and my health?

SugarLike is perfectly healthy for everyone. It contains zero calories and is also NON-GMO, vegan, gluten free, and diabetic friendly.

Can pregnant women or nursing mothers consume SugarLike?

Yes. Further information to follow.

Is SugarLike safe for children?

SugarLike is perfectly suitable for children of all ages. In fact, we encourage it over sugar. You can also easily substitute sugar with SugarLike and keep the taste of their favourite recipes while cutting back on calories.



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