Protecting both the environment and your health are very important to us here at sugarlike. That’s why we made sustainability a key mission for our company!

To make our products sustainable, we only use ingredients coming from plant sources, we only use 100% natural, non-GMO verified ingredients, and we make our products sustainably through a patented dry embedding technology!

Other sweetener products are made from dissolving a high potency sweetener like monk fruit or stevia extract into a liquid. This liquid is then sprayed on to and blended with a carrier crystal like erythritol. The problem with this production method is that it uses lots of water and is extremely energy intensive! The other problem with these methods is that lead to an inconsistent taste and sweetness throughout the package, often creating lumps and causing a nasty bitter aftertaste!

When starting the company, our founder Lily knew that there was a better way to make sweeteners which would taste good and weren’t so damaging to the environment. Our team of food scientists then spent months researching and developing a new, patented, dry embedding technology!

Our patented dry embedding technology allows us to combine the sweetness of monk fruit extract and evenly distribute that across our erythritol crystals to create a zero calorie sugar replacement that looks just like sugar, tastes like sugar, measures 1 for 1 like sugar so you don’t have to alter your recipes, bakes like sugar, has a consistent taste and sweetness throughout the package, and it doesn’t have any bitter aftertastes like other sweeteners!

This lets us create world class SugarLike products which are sustainably sweet!

SugarLike is sustainably sweet in 3 ways:

  1. Sustain your diet’s sweetness
  2. Sustain your health
  3. Sustain the environment